Family Dhaba in Noida Sector 18

Dhaba at Atta (sector 18 noida) is a perfect guide of the highway based theme serving delectable food from North India. A great addition and a place you can count on for good food, at sector 18.

Bombay Food, Delhi Streets - Authentic Bombay Street Food at Satyaniketan

Bombay Brunch is predominantly an authentic Bombay Street Food Café which offers the true taste and feel of staple Bombaiya food in Delhi.

Placed between the clutter of Satyaniketan and surrounded by various cafes and food joints, yet Bombay Brunch stands out. It’s like the diamond in the rough. 

Tame your Sweet Tooth Even with Diabetes

With enough tweaks in your daily intake of food, there's no reason you can't have a slice of pie, ice cream sundae, puddings, chocolates etc with Diabetes. Its simply a matter of alloting yourself with enough carbs. However, if those chocolate bars or the Gulab Jamun wont stop calling or you can't go two hours without a bite, you may need help with your sweet tooth cravings. 

A Calm Oasis midst all chaos that go hand in hand at Hauz Khas Village

Yes, our very own favorite Yeti has recently re opened in Hauz Khas Village. 

Yeti, the Himalayan Kitchen is best known for Nepalese, Bhutanese, Sikkim & Tibetan cuisine. The Himalayan Range is so vast that Yeti covers all places situated in the Himalayas. 

Gluten Free, Vegan, Carb Free and Totally Organic Breakfast at The Altitude Cafe

People love to eat. Well, at least they do for Lunch, Dinner and snacks. Breakfast, however, can be a different story. Whatever happened to that adage advice to "Start the day with a Hearty Breakfast?"

These days, many of us either don't eat at all or we grab an apple, buttered toast, rush to our work places to wash it down with caffeine. Or if we have time, we may swing by the local fast food joint for whatever we get our hands on to save time. Just for a minute, stop, breathe and think. Is this what our bodies really need to get us going in the morning?

A Chocolate Fudge A Day, Keeps Cravings At Bay

Outlier Foods, a young startup based in Gurgaon, has recently launched a brand of Gourmet Chocolate Fudge, Decadenz. Their main mission is to make Chocolate exciting for Indians all over again, combining international taste & constant innovation.